Sonus faber Homage Tradition has been a great project since day one of preproduction. The Italian company manufacturer of high end loudspeakers systems had put lots of efforts in this new line of products and I felt the responsibility of living up to the hype in creating images for their launch.
Once we had the project's script including a storyboard and a mood board, by brother Andrea Mescalchin did some good location scouting and came up with the brilliant idea to recommend Grand Hotel Fasano (Gardone Riviera, Italy)  for shooting two out of the three scenes.  Needless to say I was concerned with the crazy short time available for the shooting as I was given 4 hours for the main scene to be done (including lighting set up) both for the filming and the still photography. 
To be honest I like this kind of challenge and I'm not new to working on the two sides of lighting on the same project but this was a tough one. Lucky me I can relate on a really compact and effective lighting gear and yes I can tell by my own experience that the best equipment out there does play a role in output quality as well as working efficiency and time saving. To make a long story short, I worked with my team and had the main set lit within an hour from stepping into the hotel to first take rolling. Working with lightweight and yet powerful HMIs from K5600 I've been able to make just a few adjustments when switching mode and camera from motion to still captures. Putting down our Red Epic and taking on my beloved Hasselblad for the last available hour I've got the job done the way I like it and within the given time.
Than having more time available for the pier scene and for the classic house all went smooth till the end of the shoot.   
Love the 'smoking' scene particularly as I design the lighting diagram for that in advance and once on set I got exactly the look and feel I was after. Using the Chimera Pancake lantern hanging on top of the scene and a couple of other small Chimera video pros with Lighttools eggcrates, I created a nice light falloff perfectly matching the intimate and elegant atmosphere of the listening room. You can see that and other set ups on the bts pics following.
Hope you enjoy watching as much as I've enjoyed working on this project. 
Thank you. 
Matteo Mescalchin
Final ADV image for Guarneri Tradition loudspeakers.
Rehearsing the listening scene for the motion picture project.
Checking light falloffs on camera angles. 
Framing for the side slider movement.
Great  talent and musician Kenneth Bailley on set.
Official video for Homage Tradition. 
ADV complementary image 'smoking cigar'.
Shooting for still photography on Hasselblad digital medium format. 
Lighting set up for the listening scene has been designed to be adaptive and efficient for both stills and motion pictures.
Lighting set up for 'the saxophone' scene.
"the sax player" Final image with amazing Kenneth Bailey.
Me shooting Kenneth from up-close. 
Amati Tradition on the beautiful pier at Grand Hotel Fasano, Gardone, Italy.
Amati Tradition Close up shot. 
Behind the scene with Stefano playing the man.
reverse shot for the scene 'the couple - motion portrait'.
Amati Tradition on 'The pier' shot. Still photography. 
Handyman Giovanni Santon (digitalmovie) and production designer Andrea Mescalchin setting up a small Chimera Video Pro on K5600 HMI joker bug.
The couple scene from behind the camera line. Beautiful Grand Hotel Fasano in the background.
Keeping an open eye out there when framing on my Hassy...
Production designer Andrea Mescalchin helps me focusing accurately using a focus target.
On location close up shot for Sonus faber Serafino loudspeaker.
Camera rolling and sliding on action take. 
Our gorgeous talent Giorgia is ready to take action.
Lighting set up for the still picture.
BTS angle from the window.
Reviewing angles with client and agency persons in charge. 
FInal AVD image for Sonus faber Serafino Tradition on Location 
Behind the scene video. 
Thanks to my team at for their impeccable work and help. 
Production designer: Andrea Mescalchin
Assistant: Giovanni Santon
Editor: Paola Balasso
BTS videography&photography Michele Piazza
MUA: Danijela Brozovic
Thanks to technical partners ChimeraLighting, Lighttools, K5600Lighting for their support.
Thank you for watching.
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