"Shooting one outstanding picture takes 1/60th of a sec on average, the very same time of shooting a bad one. What really makes the difference is what we can do to make beautiful things to happen in front of a lens. That's Lighting to me". 
Matteo Mescalchin
Based in Italy, I'm a commercial photographer since1997 when co-founded Digital Movie studio as a shared business with my brother Andrea.
Devoted to image crafting with a visionary perspective, I experiment on lighting techniques and image innovation, to refine and develop my style growing technical understandings as creative tools for visual engagement and persuasion.
My mission is creating real images able to show the hidden beauty of reality that is only visible through photography from a lighting-based perspective.
Beside my studio work, I love to shoot on locations, welcoming adventurous environment like shooting deep underwater as well as high up in the sky being myself a licensed paramotor pilot.
Mentioned by Hasselblad USA as 'top photographer', more on my work has been selected by Lighttools.com due to some extensive use of occlusion techniques in working my lighting style and by ChimeraLighitng among Chimera Visionaries.
Some interviews and mentions are listed here:

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