"Shooting one outstanding picture takes 1/60th of a sec on average, the very same time of shooting a bad one. What really makes the difference is what we can do to make beautiful things to happen in front of a lens, that's Lighting". 
Matteo Mescalchin
Born and raised in Italy where he co-founded Digital Movie studio in 1997, Matteo has worked extensively across four continents constantly developing his passion for images which has led him to work as photographer in many commercial and personal projects.
Beside his studio work Matteo loves to shoot also on location, deep underwater as well as high up in the sky being himself a paramotor pilot.  
Driven by endless curiosity and genuine ambition Matteo works on lighting techniques and image innovation continuously taking his photography to the next level.
Mentioned for his work by Hasselblad USA as 'top photographer' Matteo is 2014 MIFA Intl awards winner for Architecture and Aerial Photography in these categories for professionals. Selected for his lighting style and innovative techniques by Lighttools.com as testimonial photographer, Matteo is also among ChimeraLighitng Visionaries and photography trainer in basic and advanced photography workshops. Finalist at One Eyeland Photography Awards 2014 Matteo has been selected and featured into the book Best of the Best Photographers 2015 Vol.5. In 2016 Matteo have been awarded Golden A'Design Award in category of Photography and Photo Manipulation Design getting recognition to the excellence of his lighting style on the international stage. 
Devoted to image quality and high end lighting tools enthusiast, Matteo pursues his own style research combining his visionary perspective with the use of new technologies available in the field.
Among others, here below a few links to Matteo's interviews and mentions. 

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