Seacraft GO!
Seacraft DPVs manufactures and sells innovative DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) and navigational consoles.
The photoshoot for the new Seacraft Go! DPV creates a range of photo-visual assets designed to serve the product launch and marketing. 
The Seacraft GO! is a revolution in the segment of compact underwater scooters.

Entirely shot at our studio facility at , the project is articulated in three different sets of pictures each serving different publication purposes including pre-launch teasers, hero shots and descriptive shots on seamless white background.
The first set of pictures was shot using a mix of strobe and light painting technique. 
The second set of pictures uses water drops as a creative element to resonate with the natural environment for the DPV. 
Last but not least, a full coverage of product shots on pure white background complete the project. 
From behind the scene: different lighting set ups and techniques are deployed.

Client: Seacraft DPVs
Photographer: Matteo Mescalchin
Project design: Andrea Mescalchin

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