The SCHUBERTH C5 is the new state of the art of the SCHUBERTH flip up collection and the first helmet featuring the P/J homologation. SCHUBERTH C5 blends ultimate safety, amazing performance with compact and light design in a modern version of the iconic and timeless “C" originally introduced by Schuberth. 
Italian Alps offered the ideal location to picture the 'C5' nicely immersed into its natural habitat.
During the single-day photoshoot, our team at worked well with the two riders coordinating everybody from product specialist to drivers and assistants to showcase the Schuberth C5 in different driving spots across the planned route.
Although dealing with untamed natural light may feel a little bit constricted in directions and shaping, it is sometimes good to experience some old-school planning based on the sun's path and weather forecast... Especially when the forecast is accurate and things fall in place as planned (I could't hope for a better sky).
For the sake of different picture formats, our planning included a good mix of roadside camera points with some take-a-ride sessions shooting on the go.
A few stationary product shots nicely completed the series of each product color available.
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin
Production coordinator: Andrea Mescalchin

Thank you for watching.
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