Schuberth C5carbon
Inspired by the subject: 
Having worked on this helmet since its unique manufacturing process, I had the opportunity to think ahead and be prepared for this shoot. Obviously the carbon fiber is the main feature of this 'special edition' of the already iconic C5, and this is cool by itself. 
My attention though, more than the carbon fiber typical texture, got caught by the glossy finish that so sharply reflects all surroundings.
So, besides the glaring commercial style of the project, my initial approach was inspired by the simple idea of aesthetically blending the helmet into the landscape by leveraging on its reflective glossy finishing.
The underlying idea: 
Thinking about the helmet and the landscape as distinct players in the picture, I worked on ideas to paint their relationship and considered the riding actions as the connection point between the two.
The shooting technique:
In building visual interest, my strategy was working the wide views with a fair amount of detail and quite 'simplified' colours. On the other hand, I used a remarkably shallower depth of field on the close up shots to better isolate the beautiful reflective behaviour of the helmet's glossy finish.
The project's hero: 
Interestingly enough, the C5 Carbon is the first Schuberth helmet handmade at SCHUBERTH PERFORMANCE by the same hands of highly specialized technicians, who manufacture Formula 1 helmets.
Some low angles from the tarmac increased the separation and speed feeling. 
Finally I experimented a little bit on wide-lens close ups and actually found them interesting for the immersive effect into the riding action. 
Thank you for watching. 
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