"Nature is the most incredible location a photographer can ever shoot on.
It's mostly for free, it's unique and continuously evolving and of course, it is beautiful."
Matteo Mescalchin

At digitalmovie.it we are promoting the idea of contributing to the global effort of preserving Nature inviting fellow photographers to behave responsibly through our program #respect #nature. 

Whenever shooting outdoors or on location, we promote eco-friendly behaviours and spread environmental awareness. We believe the photographers' community can make a big difference if we all go in the same direction.
Let's clean our landscape with real action before cleaning up our images in PS.
What if we would all clean up our scene before hitting the shutter release and try making a difference all together? Let's get used to cleaning up garbage within our possibilities and we would serve a big help to our community.

At digitalmovie.it we'll keep on shooting landscape photography at best trying to make a difference through our work.
Share this project to be part of our effort.
Thank you for watching.
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