Crafting both still life photography and videography for a top level product like Pinarello DOGMA F12 Ineos-Grenadier was a high demanding job in production planning, fine lighting, and editing processes. It required dedication to detail, precision and smart workflow. Besides the high expectations and a pretty tight timetable for the project, having such high end subject on stage, it is something we are all really proud of at our studio.
Colors and graphics required careful lighting to be reproduced as intense as they actually show on the glossy and polished surface of the bike. Pictures were expected to be nice looking with a strong sense of visual presence.
Having photography and videography two totally different technical set ups, we kept the two shoots apart working on motion pictures first. We organized the shoot taking on stage both the rim and disk version of the bike. In facts, studio filming often implies sliding cameras, moving subject and moving lights too. Therefore planning a shot we must consider these factors and properly manage our assets in order to be effective.
I knew Pinarello F12 to be a top level bike and I knew it as subject from previous work. Nevertheless having this special edition took some extra knowledge in managing colors and shapes to look up to the hype. The blue color is pretty intense and deep, meanwhile red color pops up strong and vivid. The glossy surface is incredibly shaped as there are no flat areas around the frame and asymmetry is greatly balanced.
Client:Cicli Pinarello
Studio Facility:
Production design: Andrea Mescalchin
Art direction: Manuel Bottazzo
Photography&Retouch: Matteo Mescalchin

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