I really love working on product photography from start to finish as I face quite some different scenarios from studio to manufacturing to final advertising. 'Il Cremonese' from Sonus faber is definitely a high demanding subject in terms of lighting as it shows flawless surfaces, smooth angles, unique colors and fine reflections... on top of that, it's among priorities to provide a nice feeling of its high end quality through the pictures. In other words: the better the product, the higher the mission.  Here's a narrow selection of shots from the whole work. Hope you like the outcome. 
Sonus faber Loudspeaker 'Il Cremonese' on white background. Classic view.
Back and front view on white background.
Close up shot
Sonus faber twitter.
The upper flange.
ADV main shot. Of course the flooded floor could have been made up in post... but I like that 'organic' feeling only real things have,
Behind the scene: lighting diagram right beforte the flooding. 
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