Client: Pinokkio fashion
Agency: JonnyMole
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin
Retouch: Paola Balasso

I really enjoyed working on this series for Pinokkio fashion as we worked on a small and well-organized team, breathing a nice and friendly atmosphere, without compromising on expectations or quality.
Being actually a shop in the working hours, the location for the photoshoot was not an easy one to deal with. Never the less, it was interesting for a variety of reasons as perspectives, colors, textures, and backgrounds. 
Working my photography I set my goal in combining all those visual elements in a harmonious way, blending them all together with different lighting diagrams.

Lines as leading elements are combined using contrast in light and composition. The floor itself was slightly leaning down creating a nice balancing element to play with the model's pose. 
RGB colors. I combined the Red-Green-Blue in a composition where I absolutely like the color link between eyes and denim and between the shirt and the lipstick. 
Visual contrast played on lines and balanced by lighting. 
I was intrigued by this old car. Fake grass made it so unreal to be interesting to my eyes. I tried different poses but definitely like this one for the strong leading line of the model's leg and the way it implies action. 
Here I interpreted the scene almost with a doll-like pose. Surreal, almost mirroring the two. 
 On this shot, I found interesting the color repetition of the green into the lower and upper image. The leading lines of the ceiling also work in contrast with the plants.
Thank you for watching
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