I've seen the early years of aerial photography from up close when big RC helis were the only unmanned flying objects able to carry around heavy cameras beside full scale helicopters of course. And that was really hard to get. Than I found myself into the era of early multirotor prototypes when RCpilots were struggling angainst time, costricted into tiny payloads and crazy complex electronics. Those years of hard work and suffered outcomes have diven me nuts but also kept me dreaming and striving for going higher with a camera. Eventually I faced my own fears and finally defeat them when I took off for the first time. I was entering the dazzling world of flying powered paragliding.
Today, while the entire world is living the 'drones rush', I'm mooving to the next level spending my time flying around... and hanging by a tissue, and gliding, and smiling, and shooting ... form above those drones. :-)
Drones do an amazing job but personally I kind of felt it was time for me to move forward before that 'drone rush' could get me and hold me on ground indefinitely.
I'm totally happy with the choice I made.
My flights represent my endless learning process stimulated by boundless curiosity.  They drive my passions and my photography as they do overlap more and more.
Hope you can feel some piece of that brethtaking emotions I felt while flying over this beautiful golf course at sunset.
Look forward to take off again, than gliding, shooting, and smiling.
Me after safe landing. :-)
Thanks to my PPG instructor Alberto for his very patient teachings.
Thank you for reading and watching.
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