Mico Sport - Underwear 2021

From a visual perspective, we explored the ground of mixing studio images with some elements like snow and wind gusts. Far from the idea of recreating the outdoors, we worked together with representatives from client and agency to preserve the detail offered by accurate lighting work, enhancing the image depth with selected natural elements.
Close up shots were kept clear from elements due to different image destination and purpose. 
Adrenaline, challenge, passion, performance are the main ingredients of Mico's formula. 
Technical sportswear are designed to elevate and protect high level performance.
Client: Mico Sport
Agency: Raineri Design
Art Direction: Matteo Calorini - RaineriDesign
Product Specialist: Giovanni Setti - Mico Sport
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin - digitalmovie.it
Production Design: Andrea Mescalchin - digitalmovie.it
Studio: digitalmovie.it
Models: Veronica Furegon- Nicole Cogo- Fabio Soncini - Michele Aglio
BTS: Giovanni Santon - digitalmovie.it
Retouch: Matteo Mescalchin
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