McIntosh 2.1 K Loudspeaker System
Client: McIntoshLab
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin
The legendary brand for prestige audio products, McIntosh Laboratories, presents a new floor standing loudspeaker system the XRT2.1K.
Characterized by unique design and impressive dimensions the XRT2.1K is definitely a high demanding subject.
When I gained the opportunity to shoot such a high-end product, I was really dazzled by the idea of standing with my camera in front of this titan. Polished black finishing, smooth and curvy surfaces, insanely high detail quality are only a few of the many features requiring really accurate lighting and photography awareness.
Editorial needs have led to a complete shooting list with different camera angles on a seamless white background which I did aiming to shoot the neatest image possible right in camera while limiting the post and edit processing to basic retouch and image cleaning. 
Finally, I allowed myself to shoot a cover image on a black background that I particularly enjoyed working on as it better fits my personal style and taste. 
front view
back lit McIntosh logo 
Behind the scene
Upper part with the tweeters array
Behind the scene: Lighting set up for the cover shot on black background. 
Cover image shot on a black background. 
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