McIntosh XRT1.1K loudspeaker
Certainly proud to have such a high-end loudspeaker at my studio, I was also aware of the lighting challenge I would be facing in creating still life images of this beautiful product from legendary McIntosh Labs.
Having worked previously on the bigger XRT2.1K, as well as other glossy finished products, I kinda knew how to deal with the glossy black. Nevertheless, creating nice reflections while avoiding unwanted messy glows has not been an easy task. I must say I enjoyed the challenge though, as I like to push forward in creating the best picture possible within the given time. 
Lighting diagram has been refined and tweaked for each camera angle in order to minimize digital compositing of different parts while capturing a realistic look. 
Frontal array suspended by machined supports.
Rear reflex tubes.
All close up shots also required tailored lighting and fine tuning of flags and floppies in order to balance highlight areas and shadows detail. 
main angled view
The matte top seen from above.
Close up shot of the bottom plate where the iconic McIntosh logo glows. 
Finally, extreme low camera angle provided the 'skyscraper' effect that product designer kindly asked for.
Find out more on XRT1.1K at McIntosh lab website here.
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