The New Joker2
I've been using Jokers from K5600 Lighting over a few years now and I must say they are by far my favorite source of continuous light. In facts, my partnership whit K5600 lighting Europe has been directly connected with my experience and my deep love for these powerful and very situational-adaptive lights. 
When I got hired to shoot the new Joker2 line of HMIs I was excited to have them on my set and see them from up close.

The size range of Joker2 includes 400w 800w and 1600w. 
The new design brought even faster set up speed like tool-free lamp sweep, it also improved functional features like the new brake and color code, leaving untouched the unique power output that made the Joker a must-have tool. On top of that the new wifi module makes the joker2 also wireless dimmable.
Determined to do the best job possible, I welcomed into my studio Sebastien Barbedienne from K5600Lighting for the photoshoot. Longtime friend and product expert, he put his own angle on things, definitely adding a great value in highlighting the new features. 
As for the lighting and set up, I worked to get a nice contrasty style matching the black finishing and edgy look of the fixtures. Light occlusion has played a big role in creating in-camera look allowing for a very driven and selective lighting with pockets of light and slightly filled areas. Ss you can see below on the behind the scene pics, a variety of grids from have been used in order to create the image look we were after.  I created a soft glow effect right in camera as it looks good to me and had no reason really to make it up later in post. As icing on the cake, I had a great time in using a few new lightbanks I bought from Chimera Lighting as I wanted to perfectly fit my subject with the perfect modifier.
Hope you enjoy the outcome as much as I enjoyed shooting. 
Check them out at for more information.
Thanks for watching.
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