Client: Gelinova
Art direction: Fulvio Serasin
Agency: L'insolita Comunicazione
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin

Icecream is a very sweet subject although it melts down really quickly. For this matter fake icecream is commonly used in photography with good looking effect. It happens though that the client wants to use real handmade icecream for a total genuine and real looking. So we managed to get the job done that way moving our studio equipment on location as clearly shooting at the icecream lab was essential to the mission. Than a relly meticulous prelighting work made it possible while living litterally counted seconds for the actual shot to be captured.

Hope you enjoy the outcome before it melts down.
Matteo Mescalchin
Lighting diagram for the 'cup' series was fairly simple having a Chimera Super pro right on top with 40° egg greats creating a nice seamless transition on the background. Than a small strip made a soft edge on the left side and a couple of small round reflectors were there for highlight effects.
For the macro series I kept my lighting even more simple using just two Chimera lightbanks seeking a very natural effect and fine tuning contrast by mooving around lighting and camera angles.
Thank you for watching.
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