Shooting glasses from RudyProject are really cool subject and I looked forward to go out there and challenge my photography on the sporty side of guns. 
Since shooting glasses are all about getting a clear vision, I wanted to create some really ‘sharp’ pictures. Before the shooting I envisioned the shells as caught on camera right off the chamber and thought this would have been a good way to have something cool happening close to the shooter’s eyes. 

Of course getting the shell right there including some smoke and a little bit of motion blur would have been an easy task in post.. but I like the feeling of shooting it real and this added also some extra fun to the job.
The day of the shooting was a bright one in Corona, CA. I kept a fairly simple lighting but nice and effective to my eyes choosing the beautiful Chimera 5’ OctaPlus as filler light balancing the harsh Californian sun. 
I’m fine with bouncers when there’s no room for lights in my bag (that is quite rare) or when I work hanging on the edge of a cliff (that is also quite rare)…. in all other cases I love to fill the sun with strobe lights for many different reasons. Firstly I can better fine adjust the amount of light to fill in. Output power also brings a better control over contrast and this is usually of huge advantage for my creative workspace. Than I gain better control over light direction and position. Moreover: the OctaPlus 57 gives me stunnig quality light allowing great reflections over skin and objects surfaces. As in this case, I love the highlight spreading over the skin and the riffle itself.
Last but not least I’m a huge fan of soft light control tools from Lighttools and that’s really make the difference in many situations where I want a thorough light control. 
Shooter Jojo Vidanes has been great with me and my team, I’ve really enjoyed working with such a champion. 
Behind the scenes video.
Thanks for watching !
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