#Gondola400 - Part 3

Production: Digitalmovie.it
photography & art direction: Matteo Mescalchin
production design: Andrea Mescalchin
Subject: Squero Dei Rossi
Woodcarving Master: Antonio Peroni 
Location: Giudecca, Venezia, Italy.

After the successful project presentation of PART1 and PART2, here it is a small selection of new pictures shot for the project #Gondola400.
This set of new photographs focuses on the fascinating woodcarving process.
Antonio Peroni at work on a new Gondola. 
Our goal in continuing the project, consistently with its distinctive guidelines, is to create a tribute imagery that genuinely shows the authentic beauty of Italian craftsmanship. 
As for the previous sections, the shoot was performed without directing any action to preserve full authenticity in master's work. 
Refined lighting is the main element of visual language to interpret the magic atmosphere at the squero (Venetian name for the boatyard). 
At this point in the project we introduced a new piece of technology with the latest Hasselblad H6D camera system. Being image quality one of the distinctive assets we constantly improve at digitalmovie, we picked up the H6D camera system as it offers top notch image files along with highly efficient workflow thanks to the wifi module.
High technology in camera system also contributes to fully show the very best of our lighting techniques. Lighttools UltraSoft Egg Crates combined with ChimeraLighting shapers appears to offer simply the best lighting arsenal available to professionals. At digitalmovie we believe that outstanding outcomes can be achieved through the good balance of knowledge and high-end equipment all serving the subject at best.
Lighting style is very significant to the project's identity. On the other hand, part of the challenge is making lighting to effectively serve the project goals. Each light on set fulfills a visual role and I shape each source with different modifiers accordingly with their visual function. Essential to the project is also the subject as 'the story' to be told. Woodcarving is truly fascinating craftsmanship requiring long-time refined skills, hard work, and strong commitment. These are values we share and promote by making our #gondola400 project available to our audience.
Gloves are used to keep hands warm and reactive in the winter season. 
Woodcarving a Gondola is a mix of sculpted figures and decorative patterns. 
Carving tools. Observing the master at work it's something unique. Each tool has specific features and requires specific skillset.
Behind the scene for the 'tools' close up shot. 
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Thanks for watching!
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