Clinet: Artebrotto
Art Direction & Concept: Dart
Filming & Editing: Digitalmovie
Production Design: Andrea Mescalchin 
Lighting & Cinematography: Matteo Mescalchin
MUA: Lab 3.0
BTS photos: Michele Piazza
Juri Gubiolo performin hair styling session.
Best Boy Giovanni Santon setting up Red Digital Cinema Camera.
Serena performing talent's makup session
Fine setting camera configuration
Rehearsing 'the steps' scene
Discussing action marks with talent
Discussing details with art director (dart) and all crew members
Camera's rolling on first shot
Reviewing details with art director
Digitalmovie's crew setting up Chimera lightbank
pulling focus on walking action
framing for 'the woman's walk' scene
discussing action and camera angle
Happy talents taking selfies.... :-)
Lighting for the 'earrings' shot
adjusting lighting for the 'earrings'  scene
Framing for the final scene
cool BTS shot
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Thank you for watching.
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