The Italian company manufactures brackets for underwater lights and camera rigs, providing divers of all levels with a wide range of combined products including this mounting accessory designed for securing lights onto virtually any underwater scooter. As product tester and professional user, underwater photographer Andrea Mescalchin at had a role in designing and developing this mount as something much needed in his own activity. Along with Andrea, we want to give friendly credit to Enrico Bortolotti as co-designer of this piece of equipment helping also underwater into the idea-to-product process. Beside, it has been engaging to create a photographic project on something we have been so close to since day one in industrial design.
Here's a short gallery of images created both for product presentation, distribution and marketing.
Product display on seamless white background
The anchorage with an action camera mount option.
The two parts of the quick release mount. 
Wet close up shot showing a light mounting option
The whole UW scooter with a nice action cam set up. 
Our lighting set up at the studio for the wet shot. Beside the bubbling/water drops effect no major composite has been necessary as we shot the whole thing hanging creating nice contrasty look right in camera.  
Thank you for watching. 
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