Client: BreakPowerTraining
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin
Project design: Andrea Mescalchin
Location: ShowTime Treviso

On this photoshoot I really put under test my 3 lights bullet-proof lighting diagram. Capable of creating high contrast and edgy-looking picture when pushed on high power settings, this lighting scheme is also incredibly flexible and effective when working on a more bright and filled image look.
Below here, is a small selection of images showing how the diagram works with great effectiveness in a variety of different angles from low to top, providing a nice continuity in image look without being too much time consuming. 
In facts I've created almost 200 final pics in just 4 hours shooting on a 2 people crew.
Designed to allow myself to move around a given subject really quickly, the diagram works on three lights set up, positioning strobes at different heights and shaping them with different Chimera modifiers. Thanks to some consistent experience and careful use, I can predict  and pre-envision how soft or harsh a light will result for a given camera angle and play around the subject accordingly with desired level of contrast. Hope you find it interesting. No high end retouch has been performed, just quick develop and very few image tweaks.

Thank you for watching!

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