Ph: Matteo Mescalchin
Location: Digitalmove's studio
Grip: Giovanni Santon
Project designer: Andrea Mescalchin
Soft light control: Lighttools CUfocus 30° ez[POP]
Main source: Chimera 5' Octa Plus
It has been really great to work on such a cool bike as the BMW NineT. As soon as I got it on set I spent a few minutes just staring at it while mentally designing my lighting. I wanted to portrait the bike as sliently parked into an empty space so I decided to start with a soft light right on top of it and shaped that with 30° CUfocus to get a nice occlusion.
Than I worked a couple of outlines on the front and back of the bike and finally added a soft spot on the lower engine. 
That worked out nicely on the two side shots. 
Moving forward to our main shot, I kept the lighting diagram pretty simple and just added some fluid elements like smoke and water to add some depth to the scene. I think watering the floor worked out good as the reflection looks organic and real. 
Behind the scene shot
Thank you for watching.
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