Being asked to create a series of three images about this outstanding watch by Cris Benz Watches, I developed some ideas around visual interpretations of pivotal concepts like deep and blue, motion, underwater world, extreme and sharp with an overall consistent feeling of toughness. Then shooting at the studio has been fun and technically engaging as it is working with high precision lighting but also experimenting with water splashes and digital compositing. Colors played a role since the planning step, as they beautifully pop in the subject offering a nice connection op with visual environment. Finally, water has been a good element to play with, as I wanted an extra layer of fluid to help building visual contrast with the sharp and polished look of the watch. At the same way, I based my lighting on contrast and balance, working with occlusion techniques and creating pockets of light and shadows in order to engage with the eye.
Visual interpretation of the subject's shape and movements. Arches of light interact color wisely with the watch, suggesting motion agains the dark blue tone of the deep.
Visual placement of Chris Benz 2000M Automatic in commercial diving wet environment. Twisted hoses are original of umbilical used in surface supplied diving.
Classic still life product shot layered with water splash as motion freezing visual elements. 
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