Client: Despar
Concept: Gianluca Vatore
Talents: Eleonora Sorato, Michelle Corrà, Andrea Pergolesi
ArtDirection: Gianluca Vatore
Production design: Andrea Mescalchin
Casting: Centro Mira Project
Lighting: Matteo Mescalchin
Videography: Giovanni Santon
Producer&Stylist: Anna Dalla Bona
MakeUp: Anna Lazzarini

Gianluca and Andrea defining the action..
Anna and Eleonora at the make up desk
Framing for model's close up shot
behind the scene
Giovanni is rolling with mobile camera
setting up the cleaning  scene
Gianluca sticking markers on the ladle before the singing take
Camera rolling on the gimbal
The desk from behind the scene
checking lights for the close up shots
Anna is checking on the girl for the proper position meanwhile Andrea is setting up the camera for the shoot
making up the 'cat'
a last minute retouch 
shooting the POV for the birthday cake
Gianluca discussing the framing with Giovanni
Rolling the POV shot
the bedroom scene from behind 
setting up for the bathroom scene
Rolling the bathroom take.
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