Client: Vemat Electric Motors
Web Agency: Net-Evolution
Photographer: Matteo Mescalchin
I like to shoot pictures into industrial environment as it's always good to train and develop my photography style on cool locations, especially when you have to complete a given shooting list within a short time.
On this factory tour, I've really enjoyed working mainly with two very different light modifiers such a beauty dish and a lantern. It's kind of cool to see how you can play different effects in photography work using a pancake lantern that is something mostly used in the cinema industry. On the other hand a beauty dish is a lighting modifier traditionally used in studio and beauty photography. Having my Chimera collapsable Octa beauty equipped with 30° Lighttools Eggcrates it worked out really nice to my eyes alternately as fill light as well as high selective backlight. 
Hope you like this selection of shots. 
Matteo Mescalchin 
Vemat motor's vintage model display
Thank you for watching.
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