Art Director: Silvano Vangi for LUISAVIAROMA
Underwater Camera: Andrea Mescalchin
Window Camera: Matteo Mescalchin
Project Manager: Michele Mescalchin
Editing / Compositing / Motion Graphics: Caterina Zampedri, Leonardo Amati, 
Floriana Lauro, Luca Carrara
Multimedia Programming / Interaction Design: Enrico Wiltsch, Luca Ferro
Location: Y-40
Final movie as displayed by LuisaViaRoma shop
Underwater cinematographer Andrea Mescalchin getting ready for the shoot
Setting Up camera and lights for the 'window' shot
unwanted reflections over the big underwater window has been cleared out by placing negatives both sides of the camera..
Lighting through the underwater window glass using HMI joker bug with Chimera Medium Strip.. notice the perfect fit of the lightbox on the window size.. lucky me!
It took several hours shooting all underwater angles. Great job for the two models and for CCR diver Andrea Mescalchin diving some 6 hours no stop.   
CCR diver Andrea Mescalchin from behind the scene
Window shot on Red camera display
Underwater lighting models from the glass tunnel using 2 HMI Joker bugs from K5600 Lighting
'The hug' shot 
Models taking breath on surface. 
The final outcome as displayed at LuisaViaRoma shop in Firenze. 
Behind the scene video by SkillEvolution
Thank you for watching. 
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