Being involved with our team into the video display project for Marmomacc 2017, it was a pleasure for me to visit the international expo with my camera bag and create a few images of the many great creations at the show.
I truly love stone for the great photographic opportunities it offers as natural material responding to light with gorgeous contrast between smoothness and harshness.
Natural stone artifacts are amazing subjects. Thanks to all designer for their unique work. 
Territorio & Design expo area 
Sliced Cone. Design: Giorgio Canale
Sliced Cone (close Up) Design: Giorgio Canale
Triclinio. Design: Giuseppe Fallacara, Micaela Colella. 
Triclinio (close Up) Design: Giuseppe Fallacara, Micaela Colella. 
Process. Design: Lorenzo Damiani.
Ever Growth. Design: Federico Rossi.
Ever Growth (close Up). Design: Federico Rossi.
Sea Bath (close up). Design: Roberto Semprini
Sea Bath (close up). Design: Roberto Semprini
Macchine Virtupse Expo Area. Design: Raffaello Galiotto
Duo. Desgin: Raffaello Galiotto
Cardo. Design: Raffaello Galiotto
Flexo. Design: Raffaello Galiotto.
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