Sonus faber Olympica ADV

When I've been asked to shoot the new sonus faber Olympica ADVs in such a beautiful location I quickly realized how big the challenge would have been for me.. and I liked it. Getting the right balance between product and location has never been so critical. Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza is really more like a temple for classic culture and art .. so picking it as location for any project it is a big deal. The theater is beautiful but also very challenging in a way.. it's so hard to put its whole magic into the frame.. whichever lens you go for. As photographer I tried to make technical choices like depth of field, lighting, and post processing all towards that single direction.. to portrait my subject at best. I hope you enjoy the result.

Olympica III
Olypmica II
Olympica I
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More shots of Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza will be displayed soon. Please follow me to be noticed.
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