Panoramic views Passo Gardena

While shooting some backgrounds for a photo compositing project, I've had some fun experimenting on pano-pictures. I wanted to did it the old fashion way via 'manual' stitching in post. Here's what I came out with a few shots taken in beautiful location Passo Gardena in a bright summer day. Thank you for watching.

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Sample single shot.
Panopicture obtained stitching 6 shots with no panohead. Final canvas dimensions of 20.687x5355 pixels. Roughly 110 Megapixels.
Panopicture obtained stitching 5 shots taken without panohead. Final canvas dimensions of 13.841x6.138 pixels. Roughly 84 Megapixels. Here below some details.
This is nearly 1:1 resolution.
Finally, this is how I'd like to get the next series of pictures up there! :-)
Thank you for your appreciation.
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